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Gift of Life International

Gift of Life International is a civic organization whose objective is to save the lives of children suffering from heart conditions since birth in countries where such treatment is not available.

Saving children with terminal heart conditions wins support from good people of every tongue and culture.
There are currently 10 Gift of Life programs, whose help have given new lives to twelve thousand children. The programs’ voluntary organizers and experts help more than a thousand children each year. Local Rotary clubs organize most of the programs. It was also a Rotarian, Robbie Donno, who started the program with the saving of a little Ugandan girl’s, Grace Agwaru’s life. Grace is now a goodwill ambassador of the program.

Gift of Life International is an umbrella organization which assists independent Gift of Life programs – among them the Hungarian, which Rotary Club Budapest-Tabán has organized since 2012
The Gift of Lift activities are as follows:

  • Organise life-saving medical procedures
  • Organise sustainable programs offering heart surgery to children in countries where none is available.
  • Organise training for local heart surgeons, thus enabling provision of diagnostic and surgical treatment in local communities
  • Research financing opportunities and collect donations
  • Bring attention to the problem and to the program at a local and international level

For more information see: http://www.giftoflifeinternational.org

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