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Gift of Life Hungary Project

Gift of Life returned to Hungary in 2010 supported by Rotary Hungary. Its purpose is to make available qualified medical practitioners in Hungary to children with heart disease in neighbouring countries.

In spring 2010 Boróka Pálfi heart surgery model and the support of the Rotary Hungary Gift of Life restarted in Hungary the ( “ Life Buy gift “ ) project in Hungary.

Paediatric cardiology in Hungary today is at an international level and has reached a very high standard. Operating for more than a decade, the Children’s Heart Centre is now able to carry out any procedure that Europe’s large paediatric cardiological centres undertake and achieve results on a par with the rest of Europe.

Unfortunately this cannot be said for a number of surrounding countries where free medical and surgical treatment is not available for many congenital heart defects, in contrast to in Hungary where the social security system provides it for all children. Thus, Hungary is a type of regional cenre.

The Gift of Life Hungary aims therefore to the knowledge of the availability of qualified doctors in Hungary live in neighbouring countries, children with heart disease.

In the 2010-2011 program year, Gift of Life gave a new life to 10 children. There were three successful surgical procedures in 2012-2013.

The second phase began in 2014 and ended in 2015 . In contrast to the proposed 16 life-saving surgery, 24 surgery took place . The task of organizing were done by two Rotary clubs, RC Taban Budapest and RC City Budapest with active involvement of RC Szeged Albert Szent-Györgyi from the spring of 2015. Beyond the successful medical interventions the project supported the extention of medical check-ups and trainings. 2016 is the start of phase III. The organization is carried out by RC Szeged Albert Szent-Györgyi, with a plan of implementing another 16 surgery.

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